The Following form is for guidance only, and event managers are advised to complete an independent assessment. The Risk assessment has been based on the industry recongnised formula, provided by the Health and Safety Executive - The Event Safety Guide. HMSO.

By using the form below you may obtain an estimated risk assessment total which will give an indication as to the level of cover required. Choose the options which best matches you event from each of the following sections.

Section 1 - Your Information

Please complete All the fields within this section as we will need the information to contact you if needed for further information and to send you a risk assessment review and quotation.

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Section 2 - Risk Assessment

Please answer all of the questions below. You can select multiple answers by holding down the "CNTL" Key and clicking on all the answers within the section. If you are not sure or require further information regarding any of the questions below, please contact us

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Section 3 - Additional Information

Please let us know any other information which can support your risk assessment which can include other measures for example (for example if you are holding a fireworks display which a registered fireworks company has been contracted to carry out and will submit their own risk assessment, please let us know here.)

Section 4 - Next steps

Using the information that you have supplied, Ice Blue Medical will e-mail you a quotation and review your assessment within the next five working days. We may need to contact you for further information. Please note that this form does NOT confirm a booking and does NOT confirm a contract to provide support at your event.