How Do we Ensure Quality Care?

One of the most important aims of our company is to ensure that the public and most importantly the patients we are responsible for receive the highest standards of clinical care, all the time and with the utmost of professionalism and governance.

It is important that the public, our clients and our patients have access to a variety of information to inform them about our services and that essential patient discharge information leaflets are provided. These leaflets are explained and given to the patient along with a copy of their Patient Clinical Record (PCR). 

Ice Blue Medical constantly review all events and venues that we cover and audits every patient report form.  We structure our quality by having the following mechanisms in place:

  • Regular monthly short and longitudinal audits.
  • Planned audits (I.e. Complaints, compliments, client reviews, review of PRF’s for major cases).
  • Random audits (I.e. Hand-washing, equipment and medicine checks, knowledge of procedures etc.).
  • In depth review of all deaths and disability (“D&D”).
  • Seeking feedback from clients, patients and service users.
  • Seeking feedback from other organisations and sharing best practice information.
  • Seeking feedback from our staff.
  • Having a review programme for all of our policies and guidelines.
  • Having a clinical governance group that meets regularly and advises on all aspects of clinical care.
  • Having a robust and strict recruitment process in place.
  • Providing all employees with a “staff handbook” and access to all key policy and procedures via a staff portal.
  • Regular venue and “staff spot checks” to ensure compliance with policy and procedure.
  • Staff are provided with “clinical operations plans” and risk assessments for all events.
  • 24/7 operational and clinical advice line to support our staff at events.